MIST is the only institute which has designed the MCI program under the guidance of best faculty who are highly focused on developing MCQ’S based on latest pattern (DNB) which is required for MCI MEDICAL ENTRANCE EXAM. As we all know it is actually Quite challenging and difficult to cover the entire syllabus, so our main focus is to cover what is actually essential from the exam point of view. It has been noticed over many years that the question framed in the entrance exams usually required right guidance as to what all should be read and what all should be remembered..

This course focuses on covering the most important syllabus with 350 hrs of teaching, which lays the right amount of stress on what actually we are required to know before the exams. The classes are conducted by the highly experienced teachers who form the best faculty. As claimed we are the best coaching academy in classroom teaching not by marketing gimmick but by our quality Education which makes our students out shine in screening examination with the help of the right guidance.

Semi Regular courses consist of the refined course material delivery, understanding of the basic concepts related to subject, interactive sessions, revision series and self evaluation through various tests. We display the results on the notice board and if required send the same to your guardians too.

Our aim is to provide the right atmosphere and the pleasant environment so that you focus only towards achieving your goal.

Our Semi Regular batches start from:

  • 20th February, 25th February, 28th February, 5th March, 10th March, 15th March, 20th March, 25th March, 30th March, 5th April, 10th April, 15th April.
  • 20th August, 25th August, 30th August, 5th September, 10th September, 15th September, 20th September, 25th September, 30th September, 5th October, 10th October, 15th October.