Class Rooms

Classroom Teaching– We believe that a batch comprising of not more than 150 students be seated in the one batch so that each and every individual student gets a special attention of the eminent faculty. We create an opportunity for the student to interact with the teacher and clear all his doubts then and there from those faculties who are having a tremendous experience in their respective fields. We do not entertain too exhausting teaching sessions, so that the class time does not exceed 8 hours a day.

The standard method of teaching adopted is the Take note, Pen tablet, Tablets, Surface etc. which makes the classes more interactive, but we never hesitate in showing the necessary visuals for a better understanding of the concept using the latest technology available- a surprise package for you. Wait, it’s going to be live in the classroom, an experience you never had before…. Keep guessing…..

Our motive is to give you all the details well before the exams so that you have a sufficient time for revision of all the subjects. We also provide live hospital experience to make you accustomed to the Indian hospital scenario so as to help you in solving the clinical, patient oriented questions.